In the spring and fall, you’ll typically water every few days, when the soil dries out. In the summer, you might water every day. Just check the soil and if it seems dry, give it some water. If your flowers are drooping, they either need more water or you’re over watering. Feel the soil and you’ll know for sure.

Yes. Gently water down by the base of the plants into the soil. Allow it to drain through and then do it again. The point is to saturate the soil so the roots can find the water. Don’t pour from above as this could damage the plants and cause the flowers to fall off.

You’ll receive a detailed sketch of exactly where each plant goes in your container garden. The plants are labels with numbers that correspond to the sketch. Typically, the tallest plant goes all the way in the back of the container, then the mid sized ones, and last the smaller, trailing ones go along the front of the container.

This really depends how large the root structure was of the plants from last season. Start with a little fresh soil and plant the largest plant in the back of the container. Add some fresh soil around this plant. Then add the mid height plants and a little more soil. Lastly, add the small plants in the front. Be sure there is enough soil under each plant so the top of the root structure is all at the same height at the top of the container. They’ll likely all be different depths and you’ll use soil to bring them each up to the desired height. A little extra soil at the end, on the surface and around each plant will probably be necessary as you press everything into the container.

Semi Green Thumb will provide you with a detailed sketch and labeled plants so you know which plants go where.

Ask for help. Your designer is here to help you succeed. Call, email, or text any time if something doesn’t seem right or you need a little more guidance.

Your designer will schedule a convenient time to deliver your plants when you’ll likely be planting within a couple days.